Thomas H Gresinger

Medical School

George Washington University School Of Medicine And Health Sciences

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900 S. Washington St., Ste. 300

Falls Church, VA 22046

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VA Board of Medicine - medical profile, Thomas H. Gresinger "Simopoulos sells abortion clinic here" -- Washington Post, 9-24-1984 -- Thomas Gresinger buys the American Women's Clinic in Falls Church, VA, from troubled abortionist Chris Simopoulos, who is facing charges for perfoming fake "abortions" on non-pregnant women.  Gresinger renames the clinic the "Commonwealth Women's Clinic." Former abortionist at: Alexandria Women's Health Clinic Former abortionist at: Falls Church Health Care Center Former abortionist at: Amethyst Health Center for Women Former abortionist at: Commonwealth Women's Clinic (formerly American Women's Clinic) Deceased April 22, 2016.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Consent Order 08152013

Aug. 15, 2013: Gresinger reprimanded and ordered to take continuing education classes after it was found that he allowed an unlicensed worker to drug patients prior to abortions.

Order 09182013

Sept. 18, 2013: Notice that Gresinger completed the terms of Consent Agreement.

Malpractice History

Lake vs. Northern VA Womens Medical - Oct 22, 1993

Tina Lake sues Dr. Joel Match, Dr. Thomas Gresinger, and Northern Virginia Women's Medical for malpractice after suffering severe bleeding from an abortion procedure performed by Match, resulting in emergency hospitalization and removal of uterus as a life-saving measure.

Lake v. Northern VA Womens Medical - Feb 28, 1997

Abortion patient Tina Lake wins her medical malpractice appeal. Lake alleged that she had suffered permanent physical injury during an abortion performed in April 1991 at a facility owned by Gresinger, in the course of which her uterus and an artery were lacerated.

Documented Death or Injury

Thomas Gresinger - Dismissal Order - Apr 12, 2007

Patient suffers ruptured ectopic pregnancy after abortion performed by Gresinger.

Misc Documents

"Simopoulos Sells Abortion Clinic Here" -- The Washington Post, 9-24-1984

Arrested for selling fake "abortions" to non-pregnant women, troubled abortionist Chris Simopoulos sells his Falls Church clinic to abortionist Thomas Gresinger. Gresinger changes the clinic name from "American Women's Clinic" to "Commonwealth Women's Clinic."