William Mudd Martin Haskell

Abortion Mill

Women's Medical Center - Dayton

Medical School

University of Alabama School of Medicine

Phone Number

513-751-6000 937-293-3917


11250 Lebanon Rd. US Route 42 1401 E. Stroop Rd.

Sharonville, Dayton, OH 45241 45429

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Indianapolis Women's Center Former abortionist at: Women's Medical Center - Sharonville New abortion rules close decades-old clinic - Aug 22, 2014 Haskell decides to close Sharonville clinic - Aug 20, 2014 Judge upholds order to close abortion facility - Aug 15, 2014 3-Part Investigative Report from Operation Rescue: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Paramedics Seen Giving Abortion Clinic Patient Life Support Before Rushing Her to Hospital (March 28, 2012) Indiana Attorney General Investigating Undercover Abortionist Named in Haskell Variance Ohio Medical Board’s Leniency Keeps Haskell’s Late-term Abortion Mill Open One of Haskell’s ER Docs Declared Negligent in Kentucky, Faces Discipline in Ohio Ohio Health Officials Ignore Botched Late-term Abortions, Expand Haskell’s Variance City Officials Say Abortionist Haskell Presents a Danger to the Public Campaign contributions made by Haskell's wife to Democratic, pro-abortion candidates and organizations. Woman Rushed to Hospital from Haskell’s Late-term Abortion Clinic Outside Dayton Overdosed woman aborted without consent at Haskell's late-term abortion facility Outrage over forced abortion on impaired woman prompts tweetfest and complaint  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No





Ohio medical license application docs

Ohio medical license application file for W. M. Martin Haskell. Includes documents for initial medical license in 1974, as well as later application documents. See page 5 for photo, circa 1974.


Heavily redacted.

Documented Death or Injury


911 call placed on March 12, 2009


First of 2 911 calls placed on March 19, 2009.


Second of 2 911 calls placed on March 19, 2009. This one indicates that the baby was delivered into a toilet and died.

Misc Documents

Haskell Letter Claiming Invention of D&X Abortion

Haskell takes credit for inventing the D&X abortion method, known also as Partial Birth Abortion. The now outlawed method was actually invented by California abortionist James McMahon, who is now deceased.


Paper published by the National Abortion Federation in 1992 authored by Haskell.

Summary of Legal history

Timeline of legal problems of Haskell's Women's Med Center abortion clinics in Ohio.


Haskell's application for a variance and letter from the Ohio Department of Health granting it. The variance allows Haskell to operate without having hospital privileges, as required by law.


Letter from the Sharonville Mayor and Health Dept. opposing Haskell's abortion business, which relocated there from CIncinnati in 2011.

Sharonville Health Department to ODH

Health Department objects in detail to Haskell's variance as posing a public health danger.

Haskell, W. Martin - Affidavit, 1-30-2014

Jan. 30, 2014: Affidavit regarding Lebanon Road Surgery Center v. Ohio Dept. of Health. Abortionist W. Martin Haskell argues that implementing the Health Dept. order will result in closure of his abortion clinic, and asks court to block the Health Dept. order.

Lebanon Road Surgery Center v. Ohio Dept. of Health, 1-30-2014

Jan. 30, 2014: Memorandum Contra of Ohio Dept. of Health. Ohio Health Dept. explains why their order regarding Lebanon Road Surgery Center is in compliance with Ohio law, and argues that it should be implemented.