Lewis H. Twigg, Jr.

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Detroit, MI

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Abortionist Retires at Christmas 2013 Former abortionist at: Summit Medical Center (Detroit) Former abortionist at: Women's Health Center (Flint)  

Surgery: No

Medication: No




Twigg Michigan license expired

Expired Michigan medical license for Lewis H. Twigg, Jr. Also note disciplinary history.

Disciplinary History

Twigg Disciplinary Action - MI

The Michigan Board of Medicine reprimands, fines, and places Lewis H. Twigg, Jr. on probation due to negligence and violation of Public Health Code.

Criminal History

Louis Twigg - DUI Record - Jan 1, 2012

Dr. Louis H. Twigg, Jr. pled guilty to driving while impaired on New Year's Day 2012.

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