Jennifer M Lesko

Abortion Mill

George Washington University Hospital performs surgical abortions to 23 weeks, and medical abortions to 9 weeks.

Medical School

Cornell University Medical College, 2007

Phone Number


2300 M St. NW #110

Washington, DC 20037

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Brigham and Women's Hospital Family Planning Center - Boston Former abortionist at: Greater Boston Planned Parenthood  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Misc Documents

"Terminations" -- DC-area abortion providers

List of Washington, DC area abortion providers. Jennifer Lesko and Kristin Gorelik perform abortions at George Washington University Hospital. The hospital sells surgical abortions up to 23 weeks, and medical abortions to 9 weeks.

March 2013 -- Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider list

Listing for Jennifer M. Lesko at Greater Boston Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, as of March 2013.