Boulder Abortion Clinic


Warren M. Hern

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1130 Alpine Ave.

Boulder, CO 80304

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Ambulance Seen at Warren Hern’s Full-Term Boulder Abortion Clinic, 4/4/2019 Jury Verdict Finds in Favor of Abortionist that Left Skull Fragment in Women’s Womb, 1/24/2018 Insights from the Courtroom: Abortion Malpractice Trial Reveals Over Half of Baby’s Skull Missed During Botched Late-Term Abortion, 1/22/2018 Court Docs Hint at Proceedings in Late-Term Abortionist’s Malpractice Trial for Nightmare Botched Abortion, 1/15/2018 Abortionist Says His Staff Were Disturbed After Assisting in Dismemberment Abortions, 5/6/2016 Couple Sues Abortionist Warren Hern for Malpractice in Late-Term Nightmare, 4/26/2016

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Documented Death or Injury

hern case complaint 2015

Debuhr v. Hern Federal suit. Patient alleges negligence after Hern left a 4 cm section of her baby's skull inside her during a third trimester abortion.

2017-02-28 - Debuhr v. Hern and Boulder Abortion Clinic

Defendants' unopposed motion for summary judgement.

Debhur v. Hern Exhibits-Defense

Details about woman's injuries and mental health issues.

Debhur v Hern Jury-Verdict

Jury found in favor of abortionist Hern -- unbelievably.

Misc Documents

05-23-2018 Colorado Dept. of Health FOIA response letter - no records found

Colorado Health Dept. response letter states there are no records of any lab inspection surveys for Boulder Abortion Clinic.