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Earl L. Horton
Jamila D. Perritt, aka Jamila Burgess Perritt
Mark J. Hathaway
Zowie Sheena M. Barnes

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1108 16th St. NW

Washington, DC 20036

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Victory: Planned Parenthood in Washington DC to Close Planned Parenthood Sued for $50 Million for Hurting 13 Year-Old During Abortion

City Officials Agree That Planned Parenthood Lied About Ownership of Disputed Sidewalk

Pro-life Activists Protest Planned Parenthood’s Racist Roots, Call for Defunding

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Malpractice History

dejene vs pp of metro dc

Letter from the Judge, 2001.

Documented Death or Injury

Butler vs. PP Washington DC - Answer - Apr 2008

Planned Parenthood responds to the initial complaint filed by Emma Butler, mother of 14-year-old rape victim injured at facility.

Butler vs. PP Washington DC - Original Complaint - Feb 2008

Emma Jean Butler sues Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC for $50 million dollars after her 14-year-old daughter sustained permanent injuries resulting from an abortion procedure performed by Dr. Colin Walters at the PP clinic.

PP Pays $1.5 million damages - Feb 2009

Planned Parenthood pays $1.5 million in damages to the family of 14-year-old Shanteese Butler, after she sustained permanent injuries from an abortion procedure performed by Dr. Colin Walters.