Hope Medical Group for Women


Judy Csatho

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210 Kings Hwy

Shreveport, LA 71104

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Former clinic abortionist: Dale V. Bauman Former clinic abortionist: James C. Deguerce Unsafe Shreveport Abortion Clinic Will Stay Open Until Lawsuit Is Resolved US District Court Upholds Louisiana's Right to Protect Health and Safety of Its Residents Judge Betrays Public Safety, Allows Clinic to Reopen Clinic License Revoked for Unsafe Practices DHH Suspends License of Shreveport Abortion Clinic Legal name of abortion clinic is "June Medical Services, LLC," d/b/a (doing business as) "Hope Medical Group for Women."

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Hope Medical Group for Women -- lab compliance certificate

Lab compliance certificate - expires 10-24-2019

Misc Documents

Hope Medical Group for Women -- Lab Director, Dale V. Bauman, MD - p. 23

Abortion clinic lab procedures document -- lab director is abortionist Dale Bauman. See page 23.

2017-06-27 Complaint -- June Medical Services LLC (dba Hope Medical Group for Women) v. Gee (Louisiana Secretary of Health)

June Medical Services, LLC (aka Hope Medical Group for Women abortion clinic) sues the state of Louisiana over abortion regulations.

2017-06-27 Statement - June Medical Services LLC, dba Hope Medical Group for Women v. Gee

One person has complete ownership of June Medical Services, LLC -- aka Hope Medical Group for Women abortion clinic.

Hope Medical Group for Women vs. Anthony Keck, "Petition for Temporary Restraining Order"

Synopsis: On Sept. 3, 2010, the Louisiana Dept. of Health issued a "Notice of Immediate License Suspension" to Hope Medical Group for Women, suspending their license to operate an abortion clinic, based on multiple medical violations. The clinic petitions for a temporary restraining order against the license suspension.