Western Massachusetts Heath Center-Planned Parenthood of Western MA


Danielle Roncari
Heather Z. Sankey
Marilyn Ann Hajar
Diane R. Amsterdam

Phone Number



3550 Main Street, Ste 201

Springfield, MA 01107

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Other info

New president of PPLM, Jennifer Childs-Roshak, starting Nov 23, 2015.

Medication: Yes




PP League of MA -- Massachusetts Health Dept - Clinic License for 3 locations - valid through 06-23-2019

Clinic License for three clinic locations owned by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. Clinic license covers three PP abortion clinics in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, MA.

PP League of Massachusetts (Worcester, Boston, Springfield) -- 2018 lab compliance certificates

Includes lab certificate for Springfield, MA Planned Parenthood clinic location. Valid through 07-06-2018.

PP League of MA -- 2019 Massachusetts clinic license renewal applications (24 pages)

2019 MA clinic license renewal documents for PP clinics in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Fitchburg, and Marlborough.

Malpractice History

Western Massachusetts Health Center PP -- Yelp reviews - Oct 2018

Yelp reviews for PP abortion clinic in Springfield, MA. Patient says she got an infection from "dirty tools" in a botched abortion. See page 2.

MA Dept of Public Health -- Complaints on Planned Parenthood, 62 pages (searchable)

MA Health Dept complaint file on PP abortion clinics in Massachusetts. 62 pages. See Springfield abortion clinic complaint/s on page 1.

Misc Documents


Financial data, board of directors, employee compensation, etc.