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Former clinic abortionist: Mishka Terplan Former clinic abortionist: Maria E. Soler Former clinic abortionist: Rameet Harpal Singh        

Medication: Yes




09-01-2015 Surgical Abortion Facility license application

PP of Maryland - Baltimore Health Center - abortion clinic license application.

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Planned Parenthood Baltimore, Initial Survey, 2 15 2013

Multiple health and safety violations discovered during a Feb. 2013 facility inspection: nursing staff does not have experience or training or competency to administer or monitor IVs or sedation; personnel not competent to perform patient care duties; 1 of 5 staff not trained in emergency transfer of patients to the hospital; 5 of 5 patients missing discharge diagnosis; administrator revealed there is none done on the patients before they are discharged to home; staff not certified in basic life support.

2017-03-16 Marsh v. Heller -- Case Docket

Planned Parenthood of Maryland (at 330 N. Howard St, Baltimore, MD, 21201) is an "interested party" in this lawsuit. See page 4.

2014 Form 990 -- Women's Hospital Foundation INC (PP Maryland)

Women's Hospital Foundation Inc (Planned Parenthood Maryland) -- State: MD -- Net Assets: $30,361,859 -- Gross Revenue: $2,912,146 -- Net Revenue: $-176,015

2014 Form 990 -- PP of Maryland Inc

Planned Parenthood of Maryland Inc -- State: MD -- Net Assets: $19,291,706 -- Gross Revenue: $11,409,576 -- Net Revenue: $904,191 -- Key Worker 1: Reagan McDonald-Mosley (Medical Director) -- Key Worker 1 Compensation: $230,545 -- Key Worker 2: Laura Lynn Galloway (VP Clinical Services) -- Key Worker 2 Compensation: $117,238

pp maryland 990 tax form 2013

Balance of 19.2 million dollars.

pp maryland 990 tax form 2012

Balance of 18.2 million greenbacks.

pp maryland 990 tax form 2011

Balance of 17.7 million bucks