Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic - Suitland


Abolghassem M Gohari

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5625 Allentown Rd. # 203

Suitland, MD 20746

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Sole abortionist at this facility, Abolghassem M. Gohari, was disciplined in Maryland in 2012 for abusive behavior toward patients and substandard practices. Maryland Abortionist Admits to Patient Abuse, Other Violations Gohari forced to surrender his California medical license in 2013. Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ licensed abortion facilities that failed to meet requirements -- (See info on Metropolitan Family Planning clinic in Suitland) Formerly Metropolitan Family Planning Institute

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12-05-2015 Surgical Abortion Facility license application - redacted

Abortion clinic license for Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic (Suitland, MD).

06-13-2018 Maryland Dept of Health -- FOIA response letter

Response letter for FOIA records request for Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic (Suitland, MD).

Misc Documents

Metropolitan Family Planning Suitland, Initial Survey, 3 5 2013

Multiple violations mostly related to failure to sanitize instruments and failure to prevent the spread of infections between patients.


Violations included: 2 of 3 staff did not receive training on facility policies, 5 of 5 staff did not have competency to provide patient care or infection control, no documented policy or procedures for care, 3 of 3 staff did not have a job description or qualifications, 4 of 4 staff did not have evidence that they are free of communicable diseases, patient safety practices and emergency drills not in place, out-of-date fire extinguisher, the ultrasound machine was not maintained or inspected to verify it was functioning properly, autoclave also not inspected or maintained, biomedical equipment not maintained or inspected, 2 of 2 physicians were missing either their credentials or resume, 2 of 3 physicians's files were missing information about prior claims against them and did not include National Practitioner Database information, 2 of 2 physicians did not meet performance review protocol, 2 of 2 staff did not have current training in cardiac life support or certification, 2 of 2 non-anesthesia staff administered anesthesia without the presence of a licensed healthcare professional, 5 of 5 staff did not have basic life support certification, oxygen was not available in the procedure rooms, procedure rooms not properly equipped with resuscitation equipment and monitoring equipment and telephone, no automatic external defibrillator on the premises, equipment to measure patient's oxygen level not on site, suction machine for patient emergencies not on site, 3 of 3 staff members do not have training for emergency hospitalization transfer procedure, the RN did not identify or discard expired drugs and IV supplies (over 19 cases from many years ago including one that expired in 1987), no measures to implement infection control, sterilization equipment not tested, sonogram room exam table has upholstery cracks and tape and the drawers in exam table are dirty with dark stains and debris, 8 expired supplies in the GYN room, procedure room #1 has multiple expired supplies, procedure room #1 exam table has 7-inch rip in upholstery and drawers with dark stains and debris, procedure room #2 has expired curettes and expired disinfectant, no performance improvement plan in place. 27 pages of violations.

Metropolitan Family Planning Survey Plan of Corrections 3 2 2016

By law, the Plan of Corrections or POC must be submitted within 10 days, but you will note here that the Maryland Board of Health Care Quality allowed the clinic to continue FIVE MONTHS after the Oct 2015 survey -- with no POC and no discipline or fine -- despite their second round of egregious violations.