Women's Health Center - Flint


Adam J. Colton, DO
Elizabeth D. Bates
Kimberly Remski
Martin Ruddock
Theodore L. Roumell

Phone Number



G-3422 Flushing Rd.

Flint, MI 48504

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Other info

Former clinic abortionist: Ronald A. Nichols Former clinic abortionist: Lewis H. Twigg, Jr. Disciplinary - Nic-fine imposed & community service 2/21/2010

Medication: Yes




Women's Center of Flint (MI) -- 08-17-2017 Michigan clinic license survey

Michigan licensure inspection for Women's Center of Flint abortion clinic. Peggy Thon is the abortion clinic manager.

Disciplinary History

Ronald Nichols - Lincense Discipline - Apr 21, 2010

Michigan fines Women's Health Center abortionist Ronald Nichols $10,000 for violating health code, negligence, incompetence, and lack of good moral character.

Misc Documents

Women's Health Center - Flint -- 2018-02-12 Flint Police Dept Report - Martin Ruddock complaint

Abortionist Martin Ruddock calls the Flint Police Dept, alleging that a pro-life protester blocked his vehicle as Ruddock was exiting the parking lot. After questioning the pro-life man and other witnesses including the clinic security guard, the police concluded that Ruddock's claim was false.

Women's Center of Flint (MI) -- Peggy Thon, clinic manager

Picture of Women's Center of Flint abortion clinic manager, Peggy Thon.