Northland Family Planning Center West - Southfield


Erin M. Hendriks
Jennifer Krista Smith
Kimberly Remski
Michael Israel Hertz
Michael S. Salesin
Razel Remen

Phone Number



24450 Evergreen Road STE 220

Southfield, MI 48075

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Other info

Clinic owner: Renee Chelian Clinic owner: Nicole Chelian Clinic owner: Lara Chelian    

Medication: Yes




Remski, Kimberly -- 2017 Michigan controlled substance application

Note practice location at Northland Family Planning Center abortion clinic.

Disciplinary History

2016-03-25 Complaint Investigation

Complaint investigation by the state of Michigan for Northland Family Planning Center abortion clinic.

Documented Death or Injury

Misc Documents

Northland Family Planning Clinic v. Cox - Complaint, March 2005

U.S. District Court, Eastern district of Michigan. Multiple abortionists and abortion clinics sue the state of MI to block abortion regulations.