Center for Choice II


Martin Ruddock

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328 22nd St.

Toledo, OH 43604

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Toledo Abortion Clinic Closes After Breaking Health, Safety Laws - 6/11/2013 Center for Choice Closes After UT Dropped Pact - 6/10/2013 Ohio Orders Clinic Closed, Breaking State Health Laws - 4/30/2013 Center for Choice II advertises "grants" for abortions from the National Abortion Federation

Medication: No



Disciplinary History

Center for Choice Toledo - Deficiency Report - Apr 10, 2013

The OH Dept of Health finds 24 pages of deficiencies at the Center for Choice, including: failure to follow infection control procedures, mold in the clinic sterilizer, improper prescription of controlled substances, expired drugs, no transfer agreement with local hospital. The Dept of Health issues a $25,000 fine and indicates their intention to revoke the clinic license.

Malpractice History

Harris vs. Ruddock - Complaint with Interrogatories, Stipulation for Dismissal

Malpractice lawsuit from botched abortion on Jan. 5, 1996. Franshawn Harris sues Martin Ruddock and "Center for Choice II" after sustaining injuries from a botched abortion Ruddock performed.

Misc Documents

Center for Choice II - Child transcript

2011 phone call transcript: Caller says she is 13 years old, & her boyfriend is 22. Says she doesn't want anyone finding out if she gets an abortion. Clinic staff ignores statutory rape, tells 13-year-old that "no one has to know anything."