Whole Woman's Health

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440 18th St

Beaumont, TX 77706

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Former clinic abortionist: Robert Emile Hanson Former clinic abortionist: Lynn C. Sherwood, Jr. Whole Women's Health closes Beaumont clinic Abortion provider shutters TX clinics Texas abortion clinic cited for several health violations placing women at risk, will state close it? Old clinic address 3470 Fanin

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Disciplinary History

TX Abortion Clinics - Violations and Enforcement Actions

Whole Women's Health is fined $3,050 for numerous health violations.

Whole Woman's Health of Beaumont, TX - State Inspection Report, 10-3-2013

Texas Dept. of State Health Services - "Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction" - Oct. 3, 2013. The Dept. of Health Services found numerous violations of state code, including the following: Jagged 6-inch hole allowing rodent access to cabinet where sterilization solutions were stored - Oxygen tanks left in main hallway of facility posing spillage risk and safety hazard (page 8) - Failure to provide safe and sanitary equipment in patient procedure rooms - Numerous rusty spots on suction machine, likely to cause infection (page 9) - No documentation of patient referral or discharge instructions as required by law (page 10) - Missing documentation and details in records of patient complications, and no dates or physician signatures on records - Cables to defibrillator not connected, and no electrocardiograph monitoring equipment ready for emergency use (page 15) - No electrocardiograph recording paper in cardiac defibrillator, and staff unable to correctly feed paper into machine (page 17) - Prefilled patient medication cups dumped out and contents mixed up, with no patient names on medication cups and no labeling of contents. Staff member indicated they would determine which pill belonged to which patient "by the size of the pill." (page 17)