Hilltop Women's Reproductive Center, Dr. Theard - El Paso


Franz C. Theard

Phone Number



500 E. Schuster Ave. # B

El Paso, TX 79902

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Other info

Reopened fist week of Nov. 2014 in response to Supreme Court ruling temporarily blocking enforcement of HB 2. 16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections -- Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016  

Medication: No





2017 corporate report -- Theard & Martinez Enterprises, LLC

Corporate registration for Theard & Martinez Enterprises, LLC, aka Hilltop Women's Reproductive Center (El Paso abortion clinic). Theard is director.

Franz, Theard -- Texas corporation list

Theard is director or board member of several corporations, including the Women's Reproductive Clinic of NM (Sunland Park), and the Hilltop Women's Reproductive Clinic (El Paso). Both are abortion clinics. Note the home mailing address listed for the NM abortion clinic, rather than the commercial business address.

Disciplinary History

TX Abortion Clinics - Violations and Enforcement Actions

Hill Top Women's Reproductive Clinic is assessed an administrative penalty of $5,350.00 and 12 months probated suspension of license for numerous severe health code violations.

Misc Documents

Special Report-final2

Operation Rescue's Special Report on TX Abortion abuses in PDF format

Hilltop Women's Reproductive El Paso Inspection Report Aug 4 2015

Inspection report shows numerous violations and deficiencies, including: violating the waiting period of 2 hours for the woman to look over the required information and see/hear her sonogram so she can consider her decision without pressure before she makes an abortion decision, violating the judicial bypass requirement for minors having an abortion, violating the requirement to verbally explain sonogram images to minors before they have an abortion, failure to provide patients with the name and phone of the nearest hospital to their home if an emergency arises from the abortion, sonogram probe taped and not effectively cleaned, ultrasound gel with potential bacterial growth between patients, failure to ensure that sterilization equipment was maintained and operated to accurately sterilize critical items,