Reproductive Services - El Paso


Pamela Jerry Richter

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1511 E Missouri

El Paso, TX 79902

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El Paso clinic remains closed after judge declines to issue injunction - Apr 17, 2014 16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections -- Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016 Relicensed and reopened in new location as of Aug 20, 2015. Old address was 730 E. Yandell Dr; old telephone was 915-544-2861. No hospital rights for "Dr" Richter -- so this clinic was forced to close to to new Texas law

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Reproductive Services El Paso Inspection Report May 25 2016

Inspection report shows multiple violations and deficiencies including: redacted personal problems which are too embarrassing/sensitive to release, failure to store hazardous cleaning solutions and compounds in a secure manner, failure to ensure sterilization of surgical items/instruments, failure to wait the required 24 hours before doing an abortion on a woman nearby, failure to provide patients with the name and phone number of the nearest hospital to the woman's home if an emergency situation should arise, more ultra-secret redacted violations too embarrassing to release to the public eye.