Silver Spring Family Planning (aka American Women's Center)


Leeroy Mark Clarke
Oluwafunmilola T Bada

Phone Number

240-691-4390 301-588-1682


1111 Spring Street, Suite G2

Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Other info

Integrated Ob/Gyn Also known as American Women's Care

Medication: Yes




Misc Documents

Silver Spring Family Planning, Initial Survey, 2 27 2013

Violations found during Feb. 2013 facility inspection, including: 2 of 2 RNs do not have experience or training to be competent in patient care for the administration of monitoring of IV / sedation; 7 of 7 staff not trained in emergency transfer of patient to hospital; 1 of 1 physician not compliant, missing information on claims against him from the National Practitioner Database; no procedure for mandatory biennial reappointment procedure of the physician; no policy or procedure for fire safety; suction equipment to clear patient's airway in case of emergency not inspected or maintained; administrator failed to develop procedures and policies regarding patient rights, including the right to confidentiality and the right to approve or refuse release of medical records.


Violations and deficiencies found, including, 4 staff did not show competency in adequate patient care or infection control practices; physician/abortionist did not meet quality review guidelines; patient charts included procedural complications including vaso-vagal reaction, arrhythmia, drug reaction, and hospital transfer; 5 staff were untrained in emergency protocol or how to transfer patients to a nearby hospital; improper storage of controlled substances; risk of patient infection due to inadequate medication management; 5 random patients' files were lacking a discharge diagnosis; vital signs monitor and ultrasound machines not maintained or checked; improper storage of sharps; dirty surgical instruments were not sanitized; quality assurance program not in place.