HealthQuarters - Beverly


Julie A. Johnston

Phone Number

(978) 705-6614 or 888-978-1670


100 Cummings Center, Suite 131-Q

Beverly, MA 01915

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Other info

A Catholic nurse practitioner at HealthQuarters has filed an employment discrimination complaint against the company, for penalizing her because she would not perform abortions after the clinic started doing them in 2016.  See document below.

Medication: Yes




HealthQuarters (Beverly, MA) -- 2019 Massachusetts clinic license renewal

2019 application for clinic license renewal in Massachusetts.

Malpractice History

2015-02-11 Jolene v. Healthquarters

Malpractice suit in Massachusetts trial court.

1995-11-01 Brown Kristin v. Healthquarters

Massachusetts trial court; lawsuit settled 6-30-1997.

Criminal History

Healthquarters -- 03-31-2018 - Employment Discrimination complaint - Massachusetts Attorney General's office

Employment Discrimination Complaint. A nurse practitioner (name redacted) files an employment discrimination complaint against HealthQuarters in Beverly, MA. The NP had worked there since 2004, but in 2016 the company began offering abortions. The nurse practitioner, who is Catholic, says she was penalized because she would not perform abortions, and her supervising physician even filed a formal complaint against her since she wouldn't do any abortions. See pages 1-4.

Misc Documents

Gabrielle Ross - LinkedIn - Executive Director, HealthQuarters

Gabrielle Ross is executive director of HealthQuarters, Inc.

2015 Form 990 -- HealthQuarters

2015 tax form. Gabrielle Ross is the principal officer. See page 1.

2016 Form 990 -- HealthQuarters, Inc

2016 tax form. Gabrielle Ross is the principal officer. See page 1.

Healthquarters -- 2016 annual report

Gabrielle Ross is the executive director. See page 3.

Healthquarters - 2016 auditor's report

Independent auditor's report for HealthQuarters for tax year 2016.