Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center - Family Planning Dept.


Anne E. Burke
Chava Kahn
Jennifer Acton Robinson
Jessica K. Lee
Roxanne M. Jamshidi

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4940 Eastern Ave. Building A

Baltimore, MD 21224

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Former clinic abortionist: Laura Castleman Former clinic abortionist: Michelle C. Fox Former clinic abortionist: Jennifer Acton Robinson The Family Planning department at Johns Hopkins Bayview performs both surgical and medical abortions, and houses an abortion-training program called the "Fellowship in Family Planning."  They are open for business, but the clinic is listed as "inactive" on AbortionDocs, because hospital abortion clincs aren't included in the freestanding abortion clinic count.

Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

Johns Hopkins -- Family Planning Fellowship abortion training

The Family Planning Fellowship curriculum includes clinical training in "all methods of pregnancy termination."

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center website -- abortion services

"Family Planning" services include medical and surgical abortion.