Here are some basic definitions of terms used on this web site to assist you.


Surgical Abortion Clinics:  These are offices that supply surgical abortions.  Some may also prescribe the abortion pill (RU486).  If that is the case, there will be a notation on the clinic page.


Abortion Pill Clinics:  These are offices that prescribe the abortion pill (RU486).  They do not supply surgical abortions.  Some of these clinics may be “telemed” or “webcam” abortion sites.  If that is the case, there will be a notation on the clinic page.


Telemed or Webcam Abortions:  A licensed physician is not on site for these abortions.  Women are set in front of webcams at a computer terminal where an internet connection allows the abortionist at another office to briefly question them.  The abortionist presses a button on his computer screen, unlocking a “cash drawer” which contains the abortion pills.  The patient then takes one round of pills at the clinic and returns home to self-administer the rest of the pills.  She will experience labor and delivery of her baby at home or wherever she happens to be.  Abortion Pills are only approved for use during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy, but many abortionists dangerously prescribe them through nine weeks of pregnancy.  (Read more about this.)


Type 1 Abortionist:  These are the people who are well known to be abortionists, work in a free-standing abortion clinic, and openly admit to doing abortions.  They may belong to abortion-promoting organizations and/or speak publicly in order to advance the cause of abortion.


Type 2 Abortionist:  These are people who do occasional abortions in their offices but do not necessarily want to be known as an abortion provider.  In fact, if asked, they might even deny doing abortions.


Type 3 Abortionist:  These are licensed physicians who may or may not actually do abortions but without their involvement, abortions could not happen in their communities.  They may be medical directors, board members, or physicians who sign on to provide emergency services for abortion clinics.  Their actions allow abortion clinics to remain open and make it possible for the killing to continue.



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