Bernard Rachlin




Surgery:       YES
Medication: NO

Other Info

Dr. Bernard Rachlin lost his medical license for practicing medicine below the standard of care.  In 2004, Rachlin attempted a medical abortion, but failed to verify the fetus’ gestational age or the length of time the patient had been pregnant.  The abortion patient stated she was only 37 days pregnant, but she was actually 37 weeks pregnant.  Rachlin failed to detect her third-trimester pregnancy, and prescribed the patient medical abortion drugs, which are only indicated for a pregnancy less than seven weeks gestation.  After the patient experienced complications, Rachlin examined her, but again misdiagnosed her and sent her to the hospital.  The hospital found the woman was 37 weeks pregnant, and in active labor.  The patient delivered a full-term, healthy baby.  The FL Board of Medicine disciplined Rachlin, and he permanently relinquished his medical license, effective June 19, 2006.  Bernard Rachlin is now DECEASED.