Charles David Benjamin

Charles David Benjamin - Pic 2
Charles David Benjamin - Pic 2

Abortion Mill

Far Northeast Surgical Center-Planned Parenthood

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Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


215-464-2225 215-424-0222


1335 W. Tabor Rd., # 202, Philadelphia, PA 19141


Surgery:       YES
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Former abortionist at: Berger and Benjamin (Philadelphia, PA)

Carnage: Grisly Testimony and Photos of Aborted Baby Remains Dominate Gosnell Trial, 4/15/2013

When Stephanie Carter of Hatboro, Pa, (“Sarah,” in the lawsuit) became pregnant in 1998 at age 16, a high-school guidance counselor told Sarah how to fix it: cross the state line. The counselor arranged for a secret abortion in NJ, where no laws require parental involvement or informed consent. In 2000, after being diagnosed with abortion-related post-traumatic stress syndrome and learning that studies link abortion with breast cancer, Sarah sued abortionist Charles Benjamin and the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, alleging that they should be held liable for violating PA laws meant to protect her.

In Oct 2003, on the eve of trial, defendants settled out of court, agreeing to pay an undisclosed sum to cover Sarah’s post-abortion counseling and future health care.


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