Eugene Schwalben (inactive)

Medical School

University of Leiden (Netherlands), 1956




Long Island, NY


Surgery:       NO
Medication: NO

Other Info

Dubbed the “Doc From Hell,” New York abortionist Eugene Schwalben lost his medical license after authorities discovered he was running fraudulent abortion clinics in Chinatown and Long Island, NY.  Schwalben had employed unlicensed individuals to pose as doctors and assist with abortions.  One fake doctor misdiagnosed a woman’s ectopic pregnancy, and performed an abortion on her empty uterus. Jian-Qing Zhu required a blood transfusion and emergency surgery for a ruptured fallopian tube, a hemorrhage, and a punctured lung. The near-fatal botched abortion prompted an investigation into Schwalben’s practice.  At his filthy clinics, investigators discovered rusted needles, horse medicines, expired barbiturates, and partial fetuses in unmarked jars.  Schwalben was arrested Aug. 8, 1996, and was charged with 12 counts of medical misconduct, gross negligence, incompetence, moral unfitness, and fraud. His license was suspended and later revoked.