James J. Parks – (deceased)

Parks, James J. 1
Parks, James J. 1

Medical School

Johns Hopkins University, 1962




Aurora, CO


Surgery:       NO
Medication: NO

Other Info

Abortionist James J. Parks performed 2nd-trimester abortions at his Colorado abortion clinic. His fetal disposal techniques were so unorthodox that his business partner, abortionist Curtis Stover, filed an affidavit against him.  In his sworn affidavit, Stover described how Parks failed to observe medical biohazard procedures for disposal of fetal tissue. Parks initially disposed of fetuses by flushing them down the toilet, or by dumping the fetal remains out with the garbage.

When these methods proved problematic, Parks used a kitchen meat grinder to puree and discard the bodies of aborted fetuses from 15 to 22 weeks gestation.  In his 1991 deposition, Parks admitted to using a grinder to dispose of fetal tissue.  Parks later resorted to donating the aborted fetuses to the University of Colorado, where they were used for medical experimentation.  See documents below.

James J. Parks was deceased in 1995.