Kara A. M. McElligott

McElligott, Kara - pic 2
McElligott, Kara - pic 2

Abortion Mill

Chapel Hill Health Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

University of North Carolina Medical School - Chapel Hill, 2008


1765 Dobbins Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Former abortionist at: Fayetteville PP – Yadkin Rd

Kara McElligott is also a faculty member at the Duke Family Planning Clinic, which performs medical and surgical abortions. See documents at right.

McElligott works at The Duke Gynecology Clinic, which performs both surgical and medical abortions.
Duke Clinic
40 Duke Medicine Cir
Clinic 1J
Durham, NC 27710-4000


McElligott, Kara -- pic 3
McElligott, Kara -- pic 1
McElligott, Kara -- Duke Gynecology Clinic w abortions - pic


Misc Documents