Katherine A. Farris

Farris, Katherine -- Guardian pic 2
Farris, Katherine -- Guardian pic 2

Abortion Mill

Winston-Salem Health Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

Northwestern University Medical School, 2000


3000 Maplewood Ave, Ste 112, Winston-Salem, NC 27103


Surgery:       YES
Medication: NO

Other Info

Formerly Katherine Ann Kryszczuk, MD.

Katherine Farris, MD, is a director for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (located at the Winston-Salem PP abortion clinic).  Farris signed the “I will provide” statement with numerous other abortionists.  See documents at right.


Farris, Katherine -- (PP director) pic 1
Farris, Katherine -- (PP director) pic 2
Farris, Katherine -- (PP director) pic 3b
Farris, Katherine -- Family Medicine doctor with PP South Atlantic


Misc Documents


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