Lori M. Gawron

Gawron, Lori -- pic 3
Gawron, Lori -- pic 3

Abortion Mill

Metro Health Center (Planned Parenthood) - Salt Lake City

Medical School

Northwestern University School of Medicine, 2006


160 South 1000 East, Suite 120, Salt Lake City, UT 84102


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Lori Gawron completed the Family Planning Fellowship abortion-training program at Northwestern University Medical School.  She now works in the Family Planning Dept at the University of Utah.  Her department trains Fellows to perform abortions up to 22 weeks.

Former abortionist at: Northwestern Center for Family Planning & Contraception – Galter Pavilion



Gawron, Lori -- pic 4
Gawron, Lori -- pic 5
Gawron, Lori -- pic 4b
Gawron, Lori -- pic 2
Gawron, Lori -- pic 1


Lori Gawron, MD, MPH, FACOG - VA Reproductive Health Screening


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