Raeph Laughingwell (aka Raphael A. Denn)

Laughingwell, Raeph - YouTube pic 2
Laughingwell, Raeph - YouTube pic 2


Philadelphia, PA


Surgery:       NO
Medication: NO

Other Info

Former abortionist at Pennsylvania abortion clinic/s (“Far Northeast Health Center PP” and/or former address of “Philadelphia Women’s Center”).  See “locum tenens” documents below, and PA abortion clinic addresses.

Note: Laughingwell changed his name from “Raphael A. Denn” to “RAEPH Laughingwell.”  His first name is sometimes misspelled as “Ralph,” but is correctly spelled as “Raeph.”


Laughingwell, Raeph -- HealthGrades pic 2
Laughingwell, Raeph -- HealthGrades pic
Laughingwell, Raeph - pic from YouTube


Raeph Laughingwell, MD -- "Women's Health: Know when Menopause starts and ends"


Misc Documents

License Restrictions

Malpractice History