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Gomperts, Rebecca 1
Gomperts, Rebecca 1

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Surgery:       NO
Medication: YES

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Abortion Advocates Tell Women to Misuse Ulcer Drug to Cause Abortions — Life News, 9-7-2004  (Rebecca Gomperts tells women to self-abort with OTC drugs; manufacturer warns of side effects)

This doctor moved her clinic to the middle of the ocean to help women get safe abortions — Think Progress, 1-8-2015  (Traveling abortionist directs women to overdose on ulcer meds to self-induce an abortion)







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Rebecca Gomperts founder of Women on Waves
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Dare the Impossible: Interview with Dr. Rebecca Gomperts
(interview in English, subtitles in German)

BBC HardTalk Rebecca Gomperts - Women on Waves, Part 1
published Oct. 29, 2013

BBC HardTalk Rebecca Gomperts - Women on Waves, Part 2
published Oct. 29, 2013


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