Rick Van Thiel (deceased)

Rick Van Thiel
Rick Van Thiel

Medical School

No medical training; never attended medical school.




Las Vegas, NV, USA


Surgery:       YES
Medication: NO

Other Info

Underground Abortions: Beware of alarming new trend!

Fake doctor Rick Van Thiel was a convicted felon, burglar, former porn actor, and sex toy inventor.  Dubbed the “YouTube Doctor,” he claimed he taught himself to perform surgery and abortions by watching YouTube videos.  “Doctor” Van Thiel plied his trade on internet sex sites and Craigslist, luring in low-income clients.  He peddled an assortment of bogus medical services: “treatments” for HIV and cancer,  tooth extractions, root canals, castrations, circumcisions, and cheap, $200 abortions.  Van Thiel illegally “treated” nearly 90 patients in a dirty backyard trailer, allegedly causing at least three deaths.  Van Thiel was arrested on $1 million bail and charged with multiple felonies.  His alleged crimes included 87 victims, 3 deaths, numerous sexual assaults, illegal possession of firearms by a convicted felon, and practicing medicine without a license.  On July 21, 2017, Rick Van Thiel committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell while awaiting trial.  He was 54.






Van Thiel, Rick - YouTube abortionist
Van Thiel, Rick - 'Trailer of Terror'
Van Thiel, Rick 2
Van Thiel, Rick - East Monroe avenue


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