Sherwin H. Raymond (deceased)

Raymond, Sherwin
Raymond, Sherwin


Ridgefield, NJ, USA


Surgery:       YES
Medication: NO

Other Info

Convicted felon and abortionist Sherwin H. Raymond, MD, served three years in prison in the 1960’s for performing illegal abortions.  In the 70’s, Raymond went back to prison after he was busted selling silencer-equipped submachine guns to federal agents, and possessing an unregistered machine gun.  The former abortionist was convicted of felony crimes, and stripped of his medical license.  In 2005, at age 82, Raymond was again arrested when police discovered a massive weapons stockpile in his NJ home.  The police and a bomb squad confiscated 800 pounds of carelessly stored gunpowder, 100,000 rounds of ammo, and almost 500 weapons from the former abortionist’s house. Raymond was charged with recklessly storing hazardous materials, sentenced to probation, and ordered to sell the weapons.  Sherwin Raymond was deceased on Feb. 13, 2011.