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The California Medical Board , investigated actions by abortion doc Dr. Tati Okereke, A/K/A High Street Medical. In 1982, Dr. Okereke was accused of fondling a female patient’s breast “without medical justification”. He was also accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with her without her consent. This lovely abortion doctor was also accused of injecting patients with anesthetics , then engaging in sexual intercourse without the permission of the woman. One woman testified to the medical board that she could not move any muscles during this ordeal, but just kept crying “What are you doing?” Another patient testified that after Okereke examined her vagina that he licked his finger. She said the doctor tried to pay her off to keep her quiet following the incident. Okereke’s Medical License was revoked in November of 1989. (SOURCE: California Medical Board case #11593)

Dr. Tati Okereke has been in trouble with civil and legal authorities for much of his medical career. 1961 — Arrival in United States from native Nigeria.

1963 — Graduation from New York University.

1971-72 — Chief resident obstetrics/gynecology Albert Einstein Medical School, where he earlier had graduated.

1973 — Hired by Erie Medical Center as obstetrician/gynecologist.

1980 — Fired by Erie Medical Center, reported to state