Birmingham Center-Planned Parenthood of Alabama – INACTIVE

Planned Parenthood of Birmingham
Planned Parenthood of Birmingham




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Closed this site in June 2020.  Reopened in new location.  This profile is now inactive.

Resumed surgical and medical abortions in 2020.

Moved from old location at: 1211 27th Place S., Birmingham, AL 35205 in 2020 when new facility was completed.

THIS FACILITY halted all abortions in  SEPTEMBER, 2017, while it sought a new location. Abortions have since resumed.

Resumed surgical abortions in 2016.

Court documents reveal PP clinic closed due to illegal drug transactions in the parking lot – 5/16/2014

Former clinic abortionist: Sarah E. Dilley

Former clinic abortionist: Aquadon E. Umoren

Former clinic abortionist: John Gibson Curington

Former clinic abortionist: Yashica L. Robinson White

Former clinic abortionist: Hedwige “Didi” Saint Louis

Former clinic abortionist: Sarah B. Miller

Reopened for surgical in 2015, but has halted them again as of August, 2015, doing medication only.

Temporarily suspended all services 01/15/2014. Began performing medical abortions again 10/17/14.


1019 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203, USA




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