Charleston Health Center Planned Parenthood — (formerly Charleston Women’s Medical Center)

PP in Charleston SC - Featured
PP in Charleston SC - Featured


Jack W. Simmons, Jr.
Wesley Frazier Adams Jr.
Richard Oliver Manning
Gretchen Anne Reinhart
Angela Richardson Dempsey-Fanning
James Collis Oliver




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

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Video: Planned Parenthood Manager Responds to Hemorrhaging Woman’s Pain After Abortion with a Laugh, 4/14/2021

Closed 11/13/2017. Building bought by PP, and renovated to be an abortion clinic.   Clinic reopened in January 2018, and began performing abortions.

Also known as the “West Ashley Planned Parenthood.”

Former Clinic Abortionist: Gary Clayton Boyle

Former Clinic Abortionist: Nicholas Stuart Fogelson

Planned Parenthood Clinic Faces Fines for How ItDisposed of Body Parts From Aborted Babies