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Eastland Women's Clinic
Eastland Women's Clinic


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July 5, 2023, emergency involved 37-Year-Old Woman an an “emergency situation” — unknown “complication” from abortion. See 911 computer-aided-dispatch transcripts under “Documented death and serious injury” and 911 audio under “audio files” in right column.

Criminal Abortionist Dead, MI Abortion Facility that Employed Him Still Injuring Women

Published 5/18/23

Three Women in a Week Suffer Life-Threatening Botched Abortions at Crime-Plagued Michigan Abortion Mill, 4/21/2022

Michigan Abortion Staff Overdoses Woman into Unconsciousness on Opioids During Abortion, 6/11/2020

911: MI Woman Suffers Possible Life-Threatening Uterine Perforation at Troubled Abortion Biz

911: EMS Respond to Back Alley for Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient – August 22, 2016

Former clinic abortionist: Katherine Boyd

Abortion services up to 24 weeks (up from previous limit of 18 weeks)


15921 E 8 Mile Rd, Eastpointe, MI 48021, USA


Eastland Women's Clinic (Eastpointe, MI) -- Toni Gumbrecht, abortion clinic manager pic
Fire and ambulance at Eastland Women's Center 5-22-2020
Ambulance at Eastland Women's Center 5-22-2020
Toni Gumbrecht - Clinic Manager
Toni Gumbrecht - Clinic Manager 2
Toni Gumbrecht & daughter


"Criminal Abortionist Dead, MI Abortion Facility that Employed Him Still Injuring Women," 39-year-old woman suffers seizure (See 'OTHER INFO' at left for full report published 5/18/2023)


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