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Founder's Women's Health Center (Medical)
Founder's Women's Health Center (Medical)


Karl I. Schaeffer




Surgery:       NO
Medication: YES

Other Info

Former clinic abortionist: David M. Burkons

Former clinic abortionist: Harley Myron Blank

 Karl I. Schaeffer

As of 2019 they said Karl Schaeffer is their only abortionist.

Clinic temporarily closed after the end of June 2018; one faction split off and moved to a different location at 6721 Karl Rd., Columbus, OH 43229.

The separated abortion clinic is named “Your Choice Healthcare,” and only performs medical abortions.  They claim to be “unaffiliated” with the former clinic, but took the old phone number (614-251-1800) and stated that the old clinic location was closed.  Confirmed 07-12-2018. BE

However, the “old” or original location only closed temporarily and reopened in the fall of 2018, but lost its surgical license on November 13, 2018. They still do abortions, but now only medical abortions. Confirmed 11-30-2018. CS

Medical clinic address: 1243 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43205.

Clinic marked “closed” as of May 22, 2020.


1243 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43205



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