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In March 2016, Kadisha Sampson went to the Newburgh PP for birth control.  The clinic gave her the Depo-Provera shot without checking to see if Kadisha was already pregnant.  The Depo-Provera harmed Kadisha’s baby and pregnancy. When Kadisha gave birth at Vassar Bros. Medical Center, doctors including abortionist Kimberly Heller botched her delivery.  Kadisha was given improper medication, suffered a lacerated bladder, had excessive blood loss from her C-section, & suffered a uterine rupture.  As a result, Kadisha Sampson suffered serious and costly lifelong injures, complications, and pain.  She is suing Planned Parenthood and the various hospitals/doctors for malpractice.  See documents below for lawsuit against PP of the Mid-Hudson Valley & Kimberly Heller, MD.

Former clinic abortionist Rayma Burnett-Biglane.

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Announces Expansion of its Executive Leadership Team:

Gillian Dean, MD (Chief Medical Officer)

Samuel R. Mitchell, Jr. (Chief Operating Officer)

Dawn McClary, Esq. (General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer)


136 Lake Street Ste 11, Newburgh, NY 12550


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