Newtown Medical Center-Planned Parenthood (aka Virginia Beach Health Center PP)

Newtown Planned Parenthood
Newtown Planned Parenthood




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Resumed surgical abortions in 2017. Also does medication abortions.

New 911 Tape Reveals Botched Abortion at Virginia Planned Parenthood – Oct 14, 2011

Former clinic abortionist: Randall Keith Falls

Former clinic abortionist: Tamer Yvette Middleton

Former clinic abortionist: Thomas Dudley Kimble

CEO Sarah Meacham Wight

Currently not performing surgical abortions. 8/23/2016. Editor’s Note: This clinic has switched between selling surgical abortions, and selling medical abortions only.  It is currently listed as “open” under the medical abortion clinics tab, and “closed” under the surgical abortion clinics tab.