OHSU Center for Women’s Health – Kohler Pavilion

OHSU Center for Women's Health
OHSU Center for Women's Health


Paula Helen Bednarek
Lisa L. Bayer
Nora J. Doty
Katie G. Alton
Jessica A. Reid




Surgery:       NO
Medication: YES

Other Info

THIS LOCATION IS OPEN AND PERFORMS ABORTIONS.  However, hospital-based abortion clinics are shown as “inactive/closed” on AbortionDocs, because they are not included in the freestanding abortion clinic count. Cost is really high: $2000 for 1st trimester surgical and $1200 for medication abortion compared with state average of $550 and $545 respectively.

Medical and Surgical Termination of Pregnancy – Center for Women’s Health (Kohler Pavilion)

Ob/Gyn Services at OHSU – includes abortion