Central District Health Center-Planned Parenthood (Seattle)

Planned Parenthood Seattle
Planned Parenthood Seattle


Julie M. Iverson
Sara J. Arnold
Diane L. Batz, ARNP
Claire Margaret Barnett
Grace H. Shih
Anna Wildy Kaminski
Ying Zhang
Robert Campbell McIntyre
Linda S Mihalov
Sara Beth Pentlicky
Mary Kathryn Stark, RN, NP




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Former clinic abortionist: James Gilbert Mason Weyand

Nurse abortionist Mary Stark, along with PP of the Great Northwest  & the Hawaiian Islands, are suing the State of Idaho, because Mary Stark wants to do abortions in Idaho, in addition to the abortions she performs in Washington and Oregon.  See document below.

This location is headquarters for “Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands,” and “Planned Parenthood Public Policy Network of the Northwest and Hawaii.” See documents below.

PP of Indiana and Kentucky plans to merge with PP of the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. See documents below.

Clinic address: 2001 E Madison, Seattle, WA 98122

Former Clinic Abortionist: Laurel M. Kuehl

Previously known as Seattle Health Center-Planned Parenthood — (PP of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands)



2001 E Madison, Seattle, WA 98122


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