Karen Leigh Houck

Abortion Mill

Philadelphia Women's Center

Medical School

SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Science, 1994

Phone Number

215-574-3590 215-546-2330


777 Appletree St. 7th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Cherry Hill Women's Center State of NJ, license verification -- Karen Leigh Houck, MD (search by name) State of PA, license verification -- Karen L. Houck, MD (search by name) State of NY, license verification -- Karen L. Houck, MD (search by name) Hackensack UMC Robotic Surgery Department -- Karen Houck, MD -photo profile Chestnut Hill Hospital - physician profile -- Karen Houck, MD Temple University, Katz School of Medicine -- Associate Professor Karen Houck, MD Rutgers University Medical School - Ob/Gyn Dept -- Includes Karen Houck, MD Rutgers New Jersey Medical School -- Associate Professor Karen L. Houck, MD - photo profile iTriage.com -- Dr. Karen L. Houck, MD - Listings at Cherry Hill and Philadelphia abortion clinics eHealthInsurance.com -- Karen L. Houck, MD - Listing at Cherry Hill abortion clinic Conprofi.com -- Karen Houck, MD - Address and phone listing at Philadelphia abortion clinic Barnabas Health, physician profile -- Karen Houck, MD Health.USNews.com -- Dr. Karen Houck, MD - Credentials and background        

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





MA medical license application file for Karen L. Houck.

Misc Documents

2009-02-20 Notice to Terminate Lease - rent 30 days overdue and unpaid

Landlord serves notice to renter Karen Houck that her lease is terminated. Houck's rent is allegedly 30 days overdue, and still unpaid.

2010-02-19 Landlord & Tenant Complaint & Court Summons - rent unpaid and tenant refuses to vacate

Court summons for tenant Karen Houck. Landlord's complaint states that Houck owes one year of unpaid rent, and refuses to move out, despite receiving notice to vacate the premises. Complaint alleges that Houck owes $7,805.50 in unpaid rent and court fees.

2010-03-24 Petition - Defendant missed hearing; wants court to open judgement

Karen Houck misses her court hearing over her alleged unpaid rent, and judgement is entered in favor of the Plaintiff (landlord) by default. Houck petitions to open judgment.

2010-04-16 Philadelphia Municipal Court - Rule and stay on procedings

Court puts proceedings on hold until defendant Karen Houck can present her reasons for allegedly missing one year of unpaid rent.