Paula Castano

Abortion Mill

Columbia University Medical Center, Division of Family Planning and Preventive Services

Medical School

University of Minnesota

Phone Number



1790 Broadway, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10019

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Other info

Also associated with New York Presbyterian: 21 Audubon Avenue, 1st Floor Between 166 and 167th Streets New York, NY 10032

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes


Malpractice History

2015-10-09 Complaint -- Stacie Seabron v. Perez-Delboy, Paula Castano, et al

Malpractice lawsuit filed by Stacie Seabron against defendants including Paula Castano, MD. See description on pages 5-7.

2018-02-05 Stipulation of Discontinuance -- Seabron v. Perez-Delboy, Paula Castano et al

Paula Castano is dropped from malpractice lawsuit filed by Stacie Seabron.