Earl L. Horton

Abortion Mill

Downtown Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

Albany Medical College

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1108 16th St NW

Washington, DC 20036

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Former abortionist at: Planned Parenthood Metropolitan DC (Silver Spring) Earl Horton - professional profile & patient reviews: Abortion patient describes painful abortion.  Says she would "never have him perform any procedure ever again."

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





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Profile for medical license in Maryland.

Horton Washington DC apps

Washington, DC medical license application file for Earl L. Horton, MD.

Malpractice History

2004-01-21 Copeland v. Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center

Malpractice suit against abortionist Linwood Turner and Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center. Earl Horton was medical director of Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center abortion clinic. See page 7.

Misc Documents

Horton, Earl - Rate MD's.com

Patient testimonial, Aug 5, 2008: "Dr. Horton performed an abortion on me at the Planned Parenthood clinic located on 16th street in Washington, DC. He was very, very rough with his finger, the speculum and the actual abortion procedure. I have had doctor insert their fingers before and speculums before for pap smears, and no other doctor was as rough as Dr. Horton. It was actually painful. I never experienced that before. During the procedure, he was so rough that I felt as if a hanger was being used to scrape my insides. I just hope that my cervix and uterus are okay. I would never have him perform any procedure ever again. If you care about your reproductive future, I would not suggest Dr. Horton for any surgical [sic] or procedure."