Douglas Alan Karpen

Abortion Mill

Northpark Medical Group (affiliated with Aaron's Women's Clinic)
Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center (Aaron's Women's Clinic) aka Texas ASC

Medical School

Kirksville Colleg of Osteopathy and Surgery

Phone Number


2505 N Shepherd

Houston, TX 77008

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Aaron Women's Clinic - Houston, TX Sordid History of Abortionist Karpen Should Be Considered By TX Medical Board Special Report: Widespread Abortion Abuses In Texas Exposed Jury rules in abortion lawsuit-Doctor found negligent, but plaintiffs awarded no money  (2004) Pro-life leader: "The fix is in" on investigation of abortionist 15-year-old dead after botched late-term abortion Another House of Horrors: Gosnell’s Abortion Counterpart in Texas Pro-Life Group: Texas Abortionist Killed Live-born Babies Second 'house of horrors' abortion clinic where doctor 'twisted heads off fetus' necks with his bare hands' is investigated in Texas -- Daily Mail, 5-16-2013

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Karpen Kansas APPLICATION 1988

KS License cancelled in 2008.

Disciplinary History

Malpractice History


Medical malpractice lawsuit against abortionists Douglas Karpen and Richard Cunningham, filed on behalf of patient Nicolette Cormier. Abortionists refused to halt patient's 3rd-trimester abortion procedure, even after the patient decided she did not want an abortion. The patient required emergency care at a hospital, and delivered a premature infant weighing 1 lb, 13 oz. Despite intensive medical care, the baby later died. File also contains additional news stories about botched abortions performed by Douglas Karpen.

Documented Death or Injury

Dugas vs. Karpen - Motion - Apr 30, 1996

A patient brings a personal injury suit against Dr. Karpen for lacerating her cervix during an abortion procedure.

Davis Death

Patient death

Montoya Death

Patient death

Misc Documents


911 call transcript describing aborted baby parts in sewage spill at Karpen's abortion clinic.

Special Report-final2

Operation Rescue's Special Report on TX abortion abuses in PDF form


Former patient speaks out


Story of large late-term baby remains discovered at a Karpen abortion mill