Arnold L Sperling

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University of Kentucky at Lexington

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241 Boston Post Rd.

Wayland, MA 01778

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Abortionists Arnold Sperling and Ellen Penson retired from performing abortions in April 2018.  The answering machine for their office number (508-358-5707) stated, "Dr. Sperling and Dr. Penso have retired from their gynecology practice."

Surgery: No

Medication: No





Application for medical license in Massachusetts.


Profile for medical license in Massachusetts.


Application for medical license in New Hampshire.

Malpractice History

Sperling, Arnold -- 1985-2006 Massachusetts lawsuit list

List of real estate and malpractice lawsuits in MA involving Arnold Sperling.

1989-09-25 Doucette v. Sperling, Amended Complaint

Amended Complaint in lawsuit against abortionist Arnold Sperling, for a botched D&E abortion he performed on Lorie Doucette.

1985-02-06 Costello v. Sperling malpractice suit

Arnold Sperling is sued for malpractice.

1989-01-23 Doherty v. Sperling malpractice case

Arnold Sperling is again sued for malpractice.

1992-05-26 Doucette v. Sperling malpractice suit

Lorie Doucette files suit against abortionist Dr. Arnold Sperling, for her 16-week gestation abortion on March 30, 1988. Dr. Sperling failed to properly complete the D&E abortion on Lorie Doucette. At home after the abortion, Lorie experienced heavy bleeding and pain. Two days later, she got out of bed and experienced "one long horrible pain" and something fell out of her to the floor. According to her testimony, Lorie picked it up, turned it over and screamed when she saw "her baby's head from the neck up." Lorie said, "It was horrible, the eyes were there, mouth wide open, ears." After this traumatic experience, Lorie Doucette required medical attention and psychiatric counseling. She experienced nightmares, and stopped eating and taking care of her 4-year-old son. She would sit all day in a chair, staring at the wall. At night she would drink coffee continuously to avoid sleeping. She experienced psychiatric disturbances when she entered her bedroom. Lorie "saw" her baby in pieces, talking to her, telling her not to have the abortion. In her recurring nightmares, she heard bones breaking. She contemplated suicide. Lorie saw a psychiatrist 3 times a week, and her husband had to put their 4-year-old son in full-time preschool since his mother could not care for him. See pages 2-4 for facts of case statement from Dr. William Cook, the Chairman of the Ob/Gyn Dept at Akron General Medical Center. See pages 5-7 for medical examination of fetal head. See page 8 for the psychiatrist's report.

Sperling, Arnold - MA medical profile - SURGERY ON WRONG BODY PART

MA medical profile for Dr. Arnold Sperling. Sperling's practice was restricted beginning 8-18-1993, for "surgery on wrong body part or wrong patient." See page 3.

Misc Documents

Flight Instructor Listing -- Arnold Sperling, MD

Arnold Sperling, MD, is an instructor with Aerotech Flight Services.

Executive - Dr. Arnold Sperling - flight training

Sperling is a flight instructor with Executive Flyers.

Dr. Arnold L Sperling, MD -- Flight Physical

Flight Physicals offered by Dr. Arnold Sperling.