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6323 Georgia Ave. NW Suite 210

Washington, DC 20011

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Works for the notorious Steven Chase Brigham.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Myron Rose MD Medical License Profile

MD license profile as of 5/19/2017 indicating Rose's address as a Baltimore facility owned and operated by Steven Chase Brigham.

Rose Washington DC apps -- 3 pages

Summary file for Washington, DC medical license application for Myron Rose, MD. Note practice location at Capital Women's Services abortion clinic.

Rose, Myron -- Washington DC medical license application complete file -- 22 pages

Full Washington DC medical license application file for Myron Rose.

Disciplinary History

Disciplinary Order

November 29, 2016 - Fined $2,600 for failing to obtain the requisite continuing medical education credits. He lied on his renewal form saying he had completed them when he had not.

Misc Documents

1467628339 NPI number — MYRON ROSE MD

Information collected by the National Provider Identification database.

A Hard Choice_ A young medical student tries to decide if she has what it takes -WaPo11232008

Washington Post story published November 23, 2008. Contains references to Myron Rose.

Rose, Myron - Rose is medical director at Capital Women's Services

Website bio for "Dr. M. Rose," the medical director of Capital Women's Services abortion clinic. NOTE: DR. ROSE HIMSELF IS NOT PICTURED -- instead the website shows a stock photo of a young woman dressed up like a doctor.