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DC Office-Brigham
DC Office-Brigham


Khalilah Q. Jefferson, APRN




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NOTE: Abortionist Myron Rose passed away on July 11, 2019, but retired sometime before that.  Claims on the Capital Women’s Services website that continues to list Rose as it’s Medical Director 9 as of 1/31/2022) are completely false and have been since at least early 2019.

Video: Nurse Heard on 911 Recording Impersonating an Injured Woman’s Mother to Hide Horrific Details of a Botched Abortion, 7/5/2022

MUST READ! Terrifying Botched Abortion by Nurse Results in Multi-Million-Dollar Suit Against Brigham-Connected Late-Term Facility, 10-14-2021

Former clinic abortionist: Myron Rose, who passed away on July 11, 2019, after retiring to Florida. 

This clinic advertises abortions up to 36 weeks gestation, despite terrible patient reviews on Yelp (see below).

This facility is operated by Steven Chase Brigham and is part of the American Women’s Services chain of abortion facilities.


6323 Georgia Ave. NW Suite 210, Washington, DC 20011


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