Mary Kathryn Stark, RN, NP

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Stark is suing to perform abortions in Idaho - Click here for info on Meridian Health Center PP in Idaho Nurse abortionist Mary Stark, along with PP of the Great Northwest  & the Hawaiian Islands, is suing the State of Idaho.  Stark wants to do abortions in Idaho in addition to the abortions she performs in Washington and Oregon.  See documents below.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Oregon nursing license application -- Mary Kathryn Stark, RN, NP

Oregon nursing license application for Mary Kathryn Stark, NP, RN -- nurse abortionist in OR and WA Planned Parenthoods.

Misc Documents

01-22-2019 - Abortion rights advocates’ new strategy for undoing old state laws - ThinkProgress

Nurses Mary Stark and Alison Bates sue to be allowed to perform abortions.

PP of the Great NW & the Hawaiian Islands & Mary Stark v. Wasden (Attorney Gen of Idaho)

Planned Parenthood and nurse-abortionist Mary Stark sue the Attorney General of Idaho. Mary Stark does abortions in Oregon and Washington, and she wants to do them in Idaho as well, which is illegal because she is not a medical doctor. See pages 2 & 5.