Reproductive Health Services Of Montgomery


John Gibson Curington
Roosevelt McCorvey
Sacheen Nathan (aka Sacheen Carr-Ellis)
Sarah B. Miller

Phone Number



811 South Perry St.

Montgomery, AL 36104

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Other info

Possible Trafficking? Alabama Abortion Clinic Cited For Failure to Report Child Sex Abuse on 13-Year Old Girl, 4/11/2018 Abortionist Sarah Miller also on staff as of 12/2016. Former clinic abortionist: Richard Clark Stuntz Former clinic abortionist: Aquadon E. Umoren  

Medication: No



Dr. Roosevelt McCorvey, MD, arrives at Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic


Disciplinary History

Reproductive Health Services -- 2015-02-12 and 2017-02-14 Health Dept survey & plan of correction

Clinic health dept inspections, with "standards not met," and Plan of Correction for deficiencies.

Reproductive Health Services -- 2015-2017 Alabama Health Dept correspondence - abortion clinic lab deficiencies

Letters from the Alabama Health Dept to Dr. Roosevelt McCorvey at Reproductive Health Services, regarding deficiencies found during Health Dept. inspections at the clinic.

Misc Documents

Reproductive Health Services - clinic survey 01-26-2018

January 26, 2018 inspection report that cites RHS for failing to report suspected sex abuse of a 13-year old pregnant minor. This same girl came back for a second abortion 15 mo. later. Still not reported. Finally reported during 1/28/2018 inspection after the inspector caught them not reporting -- two years after the fact.