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Francis N. Mase
Katherine J. Hladky
Martha A. Simmons
Patricia Purcell
Taida J. Wolfe

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625 N Shipley St

Wilmington, DE 19801

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Former clinic abortionist: Timothy Fouch Liveright Planned Parenthood Never Notified Women of STDs - Jul 30, 2013 Planned Parenthood Knew About Nightmarish Conditions at Clinic, But Did Nothing - Jul 30, 2013 Delaware Files Complaint Against Abortion Doctor - May 30, 2013 DE Planned Parenthood Abortionist Ogled, Slapped, Played Peek-a-Boo with Patients Wilmington Abortion Clinic Closes Temporarily Due to an Ongoing Investigation Clinic Workers Testify of Gosnell-Like Conditions; PP of Delaware Suspends Surgical Abortions PP Clinic Recruits Students for "Abortion Training" After Botching 4 Abortions in 5 Weeks Praying Catholic Grandma Violently Attacked at Wilmington Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Sends Woman to Hospital - Feb 18, 2013 911 Records Reveal 2 Abortion Emergencies in 10 Days at Delaware Planned Parenthood Ambulances commonplace at Wilmington Planned Parenthood where pro-abort attacks Pro-life Grandmother! Lawmakers hear testimony about Planned Parenthood conditions Nurses: Planned Parenthood patients' lives at risk - Former workers at Wilmington clinic testify at Senate hearing Sexual harassment and unsanitary conditions alleged by Ex-Planned Parenthood RN Planned Parenthood of Delaware, 625 N. Shipley St., Wilmington, DE: Financial records and Form 990's, 2002-2011 Planned Parenthood doc yelled at patients, sexually harassed employees Abortionist signs consent agreement after accusations of incompetence and sexual harassment  

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Documented Death or Injury

Moore vs. Thomas, Planned Parenthood

Patient sues Dr. Thomas and Planned Parenthood of Delaware for medical negligence and resulting injuries.

Misc Documents


Shocking testimony about Planned Parenthood's abortion abuses from a former employee who blew the whistle on them.

2014 Form 990 -- Planned Parenthood of Delaware

Planned Parenthood of Delaware Inc -- State: DE -- Net Assets: $4,376,257 -- Gross Revenue: $3,594,899 -- Net Revenue: $-903,804 -- Key Worker 1: Zowie Barnes (Medical Director) -- Key Worker 1 Compensation: $269,550 -- Key Worker 2: Chad Key (VP Medical Services) -- Key Worker 2 Compensation: $41,909